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"Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good!"

don't know who originally said that, but my son said it to me when he wanted a very expensive pair of cleats. He made a good argument, one that I believe in and live by to this day! (I bought him the cleats, by the way!)

When I was going though my divorce, I knew I would need extra money. I joined a jewelry company. Who doesn't LOVE jewelry!!! I do in-home parties, holiday events, etc. The best part was that when I recruited someone, or made a lot of sales, I got lots of free jewelry! I don't believe that money or shiny new things bring you happiness long-term, however I look good when I sparkle! I would love to share if you want to check it out!

My most recent venture was in skin, hair and wellness products. I had been looking for a healthy, all natural skin care product when I came across a certain company. I tried the products and loved them! My favorite is the 30 second eye serum for "bags" we carry as we get older! I also love the collagen product that they offer, as well as the neck serum! So, of course I started promoting the products! In my first month I advanced a bit through the sales from family members! I'm not a good saleswoman so I never expected to be a top earner! For me, this product is something I love to share because I believe it works! It certainly makes my skin feel good, which is what I wanted from the start! See for yourself! As always, I'm happy to share! 

OK- The big one- weight loss! Ugh!!! I've worked hard my entire life on this one! But, I'll tell you my secrets if you tell me yours! I'll share what works for me and what doesn't. Let's just leave it at that! 

Fashion- Haha! Most days you'll find me in yoga pants and a ponytail! That's where I'm most comfortable so why not??? Of course if I have to go to an event I will get dressed- I love my jumpsuits and I'll put my Swarovski jewelry on. Depending on the length of my hair, the pony is a must! (However, I recently cut my hair 4 inches! Love it!)

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